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The company Danmon Group Sweden AB was founded in 1987 and is a Danmon Group company that is part of

the international group Dan Technologies, together with several other companies in the professional distribution, film, audio and video industry. Danmon is one of the main suppliers of the Swedish broadcasting market and delivery solutions for both large and small companies. Danmon's operations include trade, design, installation, technical service and support of professional TV and Film and Post Production as well as telecommunications equipment. We are also working on other markets such as Industry, Defense, Municipalities, County Council and others. We promote video and audio equipment for recording, post-processing, distribution and shipping for professional use, and represent some of the world's most outstanding manufacturers.

We build our business on long and good business relationships with our customers. With us, the customer is at the center and our goal is to always present the most suitable solution with first class products for the customer's specific needs. With constant development of technology and business, we create new opportunities. Danmon strives to be a leading system solver of tomorrow's technology for radio and television stations, film, telecommunications and video producers to reach and entertain the world. In our range you will find everything from distribution amplifiers,camcorders and servers to advanced automated digital broadcast systems. Our efficient and thoughtful product solutions are optimally tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Whether it's single products or entire systems, our ambition is to provide competent service and support both before and
 after sales. The company has many years of experience in the design, installation and deployment of analogue and digital
video systems. We also build solutions with e-learning, media streaming, Digital Electronic News Gathering (DNG), Satellite News Gathering (SNG) communications, radio link,fiber transmission, video / audio over IP, digital signal processing, video / audi
o encoding MPEG. Danmon's Service and Support department performs repairs of all existing equipment on the market.
We provide service and support agreements for all equipment located in Sweden to minimize the customer's production breakdown. We also provide professional telephone support as well as installation consultancy. The rapid development of recent years has led to major changes in technology and equipment. We are at the forefront of our suppliers in implementing new technologies to increase customer performance, cost-efficiency or create user-friendly systems.
Danmon Group companies are subsidiaries of the Dan Technologies Group

Danmon Group Sweden AB | Kronborgsgränd 13, S-164 46 Kista - Sweden | Tel: +46-8 544 76 440 | Fax: +46-8 544 76 450 | info@danmon.se

Danmon Group Sweden AB är en del av den internationella koncernen
Dan Technologies A/S med säte i Danmark.

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